Lipiie Banerjjee

Moon ruling the day

Birthdate Date 29/01/2023, 2 in birthdate is ruled by Moon. The Moon gives people a fluctuating nature, a love of water, and nurturing. It brings prosperity, respect, and honor to its natives. Alphabets Allotted: B, K, and R Best Direction: Northwest Best Profession: Fine arts, actors, inventors, medical professionals, nursing, herbal remedies, diplomats, arbitrators. Characteristics: …

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Illuminated by Sun

Birthdate Date 28/01/2023, 1 in birthdate is ruled by Sun. Individualistic and Independent. The defining keywords are a pioneering spirit, executive abilities, great will and determination, courage, strong leadership skills, and inventive ideas. Alphabets Allotted: A, I, J, Q, and Y Best Direction: East Best Profession: Politicians, Leaders, Heads of Business Houses, Entrepreneurs, Actors, Industrialists, …

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The Combination of Mighty Mars and Lord Saturn

Birth date Date 18/01/2023, 9 in birthdate is ruled by Mars. Selflessness, forgiveness, humanitarianism, compassion, tolerance, generosity, charity, philanthropy, writing, artistic, impulsive, spiritual, and capable of living a divine life to a great extent. Characteristics:Largest of all the numbers from 1-9 you represent the beginning and end of experiences. 3 times 3 you have the …

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Planet Ketu ruling the day

Date 16/01/2023, 7 in birthdate is ruled by Ketu. It bestows non-attachment to worldly desires and gives spiritual tendencies. Wisdom, power of discrimination, psychic abilities, sensitivity, and emotions. Alphabets Allotted: O and Z Best Direction: Southwest Best Profession: Artists, Actors, Occultists, Numerologists, Scientists, Arbitrators, Judges, Spiritual Masters. Friendly Nos: 1, 2, 5 Enemy Nos: 6, …

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