Combination of Sun and Mercury


Date 28/09/2020, 1 in #Birthdate is ruled by #Sun. It is intellectual and masculine in nature. Denotes change and pioneering work. Indicates the will power to achieve one’s goal. Sun is symbolic of life giving days, creation, vitality, genius, originality and brilliance.


Number 1 has an independent personality and have a flair for writing. You are spontaneous and have a capacity for life. Also self reliant and confident of your abilities and never hesitate to tackle the most difficult of problems. Have a quick grasp over subjects. A new idea is greater thrill to you than money in the bank.


Avoid extravagance.

Avoid mental stress and worry.

Avoid inflexibility

Lucky dates, colours and Gemstones

#Good dates 1, 10,19 28. #Good days are #Sunday, Monday and Thursday. #Lucky colours #All shades of Gold, Yellow, Orange and purple.#Gemstone Ruby.
Important years in life are 1,10,19,28,37,46,55, 64 and 73.

Significance of compound no. 28
Number 28 is full of contradictions. Indicates a person of great promise and possibilities who is likely to see everything taken away from him, unless provided for the future. It is not a fortunate number in the indication of future events. These natives have to build their lives from scratch time and time again.

Destiny Number

Destiny number 5 is ruled by Mercury. Intensely knowledgeable person but lack the depth. Partnerships based on mental affinity will be exceedingly important.

Tarot Guidance

#Card of the day #Ten of Cups. It is a time for rewards and success.Efforts will bear fruit. Suggests emotional maturity and fulfillment. Symbolizes personal achievement, satisfaction and self esteem.
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