Humanitarian Mars in the day and the luxurious Venus in the sum total

Birth date

Date 27/11/2020, 9 in birthdate is ruled by Mars. Signifies regeneration, new birth, spirituality, premonitions, clairvoyance, clairaudience, prediction, mystery. It is the number of energy, activity, the warrior.


The 9’s have a strong sense of purpose, are duty bound and self confident, have order, discipline, patience, bravery courage and humanitarianism. You are courageous fighters who love adventure and have an urge to explore the unknown.Have ambition, will and determination. Not quarrelsome by nature and are often the arbitrators of peace between two warring parties. But leader with the ability to control multitudes of people.  Honour is extremely important to you and for this you can suffer financial, mental and physical losses.

Negative Traits

Foolhardy, impulsive and thoughtless in thought, word and deed, are prone to disasters and accidents

Lucky dates, colours and gemstones

#Good dates 9, 18 and 27. #Good days are Tuesday. #Lucky colours. #Red and  Pink from the lightest to the darkest. #Ruby, Carnelian, Red Jasper, Red Agate, Garnet, Bloodstone and Coral.

Significance of Number 27

27 born can be a wonderful healer and a Spiritualist. Born with leadership qualities and have a spiritual and compassionate heart, but often misled by others. Learn yo overcome anger, arrogance and aggression.

Destiny Number:
Destiny or Life Path number is 6, ruled by Venus. This number makes you enter into unwanted, unplanned, impersonal and chance sexual encounters. It makes you more sentimental than logical, clinging, possessive, jealous, suspicious and sensuous. You get all the comforts and luxuries of life, not through your hard work and earning but by stroke of luck. You are intelligent, generous with your money and love to spend lavishly. You love your family and friends and happily take on their responsibilities.

Tarot Guidance:

#Ace of Pentacles

It foretells the dawn of a period of manifestation, realisation and prosperity. Keep an optimistic attitude and let time be the deciding factor. Your world will be transformed and you will prosper.

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