Solitary Tree at Dawn



Close-up, abstract view of architecture.

People born today are plain and forthright, with their primary objective to achieve their goals most efficiently. They are not the kind to engage in deception, manipulation, or power games. They are driven by their need to learn, and as a result, they are more likely to seek out information for themselves and come to their own conclusions as opposed to adopting the common wisdom. The twelve of September have a remarkable aptitude for language, and others around them cannot but admire the authenticity of what they say. Because of their social consciousness and strong desire to pass on knowledge and, by extension, help others, individuals with these traits are ideally suited for working in fields such as education or the public sector.

They have a great need for moments of seclusion during which they can be alone with their thoughts, unbothered by the expectations that others place on them. This is even though they naturally desire to impose their influence on those around them or society. Individually, they are rather lonely and have this need. However, they are also trustworthy friends, partners, and family members who respect the uniqueness of their nearest and dearest. They seldom try to impose their viewpoints on those closest to them if they believe doing so would harm those they care about the

Ruling Planet: Mercury

Zodiac: VIRGO

Virtues: Independent and communicative

Vices: Withdrawn and opinionated.

Careers: Self-help Author, Motivational speaker, and Therapist.

Skills & Aptitudes: Intelligence, determination, thinking out of the box.