Kalenderblad september met aangeschoten vogel

September 14


Those who are/were born on this day may find their calling in life to be that of restoring order to any organisation or group of people that they have reason to believe is not living up to its full potential. They have a highly critical eye due to both their penetrating intellects and attentive natures, making it simple for them to spot regions that are out of whack with the rest. They can take charge of circumstances swiftly and subsequently guide other people’s actions due to their strong drive to plan, arrange, control, and maintain smoothly functioning and effective programmes. This urge is caused by the fact that they have. They are born leaders and thrive in any profession that allows them to bring harmony to discord and produce measurable outcomes; nevertheless, the scientific, political, and legal fields are especially well suited to their abilities. In addition, the planning and construction industries.

Nevertheless, these people do not devote all their time and energy to intellectual or professional endeavours. On the other hand, they know the significance of maintaining a healthy equilibrium despite the competing demands of their personal and professional lives. A good number of them have a vibrant sense of humour, as well as sensuality, an appreciation for beauty in all of its myriad guises, and so on. They are reliable friends, family members, excellent conversationalists, and gregarious sorts who enjoy spending time with others.

Ruling Planet: Mercury

Zodiac: Virgo

Virtues: Energetic, efficient, steadfast

Vices: Critical, stubborn

Careers: Event Planner, Interior or Fashion Designer.