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Empowering, Transformational and Enlightening

We all need help. To clear thoughts, be empowered, and feel rooted in inner peace.

Transformational Life Coach - Lipi Banerjee

Transformational Life Coaching

Lipi can Coach you to create lasting change, master transitions & be the hero of your life story. Who needs a transformation coach, you may ask? Anyone who is ready to make a commitment towards changing for the better! Any such person will benefit by appointing a transformation coach. Change happens at every level: individual, social and economical. But transformation is deeper than that. Real transformation happens when individuals commit to changing habits. They then let go of beliefs that are no longer serving their life purpose.

Lipi encourages a change of action in you. She can help you dig deeper and encourage to work on changing your self-perception with raised awareness. This often involves challenging self-perceptions and belief about your limitations.

Neurolinguistic programming coaching with Lipi Banerjee

NLP Breakthrough Coaching

Neurolinguistic Programming commonly known as NLP has been around for some time now. The popularity of neurolinguistic programming or NLP has become widespread since it started in the 1970s. Its uses include treatment of phobias and anxiety disorders and improvement of workplace performance or personal happiness. NLP tries to detect and modify unconscious biases or limitations of an individual’s map of the world. NLP is not hypnotherapy. Instead, it operates through the conscious use of language to bring about changes in someone’s thoughts and behavior.

Spiritual Coaching by Lipi Banerjee

Spiritual Coaching

Each person holds so much power within themselves that needs to be let out. Sometimes they just need a little nudge, a little direction, a little support, a little coaching, and the greatest things can happen. We often get so ingrained and set in our ways that it’s hard to see things from a fresh perspective. It’s difficult to fathom and digest the possibilities that exist out there in the world when we’re so used to operating within what we’ve deemed “safe” for so long.

A spiritual coach like Lipi is a partner, someone who’s there for you through life’s most difficult and challenging times, able to guide you through and help you to see things differently, refine your approach and achieve your loftiest dreams. She can offer you a fresh perspective on why you maybe haven’t been able to achieve the big goals you’ve wanted in the past, and just how you can reorganize your life to empower you rather than to continue holding you back.

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