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Numerology Consultation with Lipi Banerjee

Numerology Consultation

Numerology consultancy helps an individual to understand the significance of their birthday, followed by helping them to evaluate how to proceed in their life. Before taking any crucial step, if you consult a numerology expert, it can help you make a better judgment by analyzing your strengths and weakness. It can also predict the right time to take a proper decision. It a nutshell, it ensures that your decision gives you the most fruitful result, at the right time. The credit of introducing numerology often goes to the Greek philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras. Most of the expert numerology consultation is, in fact, based on his principles, which proves its accuracy, again and again, even in the era of modern science. Lipi Banerjee is an expert numerology consultant for getting an insight to have a better understanding of yourself and also to get answers to all your queries.

Astrology consultation with Lipi Banerjee

Astrology Consultation

Sometimes, difficulties overwhelm you because you think it is very difficult to overcome them. If in case you feel that there is something that is bothering you then you should consult Lipi Banerjee, to get some remedies that will make your problems disappear.

Astrology will help you understand yourself better and you will learn new things about yourself: With the help of astrology, you can gain more insights into your unique personality, behaviours and idiosyncrasies so that you can understand, accept, and then love yourself. Your sun sign is the core of who you are and how you appear, your emotions are controlled by your moon sign and rising sign controls how you show your personality to the world.

Card and Mokshapat Divination Reading with Lipi Banerjee

Card and Mokshapat Divination Reading

Mokshapat is a board divination that fills you up with Indian wisdom and the laws of karma. It’s not for fortune-telling—it’s a tool that gives you something to meditate on. Any question under the sun can be asked as wisdom unfolds from the board cruising your intuitive intelligence. The board is a fascinating revelation from the Vedic past.

With proper guidance, you will find yourself many steps higher on your personal journey, in deep acceptance and calm to participate and throw light on all the events of the Universe.

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