Week 2 of the year

A 7 Universal year is a year of Perfecting. The tendency will be to put the finishing touches to everything undertaken. It is fertile soil for the growth of theories, but it will also take a lot of quiet thinking to keep them healthy. Existing affairs should be analyzed. No branching out into new ventures. 7 is an inner force that acquaints one with hidden and interior conditions. 7 is the number of the mind, the number of learning, and its nature is to seek out what is hidden. It is all about quality, perfection, and contemplation. Or its shadow self, self-importance, and carelessness.

The second week of the year has arrived. This 2 energy is interacting with the double 2 energy of the year 2023. The numbers 2 and 7 are both intuitive. It should be remembered that quality and perfection result from collaboration, agreements, negotiations, and comprehensive discussion.
So, whatever happens, this week, be mindful of how you feel and think. 7 leads us inward to see what’s going on inside. It gives us insight into what we know and what we believe we know.
Additional information can be acquired, and it is also crucial to understand one’s personal year and how it relates to Universal year 7 and week 2. ( 8th to 14th January).
Simply add 7 to your month and day of birth to calculate your personal year number for 2023. (DO NOT INCLUDE YOUR BIRTH YEAR IN THIS COUNT).