1 in the date and 8 in the total


Date 28/02/2021, 1 in birthdate is ruled by Sun. Corresponds to Aries, the 1st sign of the Zodiac. Strong, ambitious, innovative, active, creative.


It is the number of strengths, individuality, and creativity. Never lack confidence or need reassuring. Straightforward, bright, and honest who loves being out in the world and enjoys moving forward in life. Natural leaders and innovators, seek challenge and have a great need to be in the limelight. Have endless energy and enthusiasm

Alphabets Allotted: A, I, J, Q, and Y

Best Direction: East

Best Profession: Politicians, Leaders, Heads of Business Houses, Entrepreneurs, Actors, Industrialists, Explorers, and Administrators

Friendly No: 1, 2, 3

Enemy No: 5, 4

Negative Traits:

Laziness, hard and unrelenting, unemotional, materialistic, blunt, aloofness, domination, rigidity, pride.

Lucky dates, colors, and gemstones

Good dates 1, 10, 19, and 28. #Good days Sunday and Monday.#All shades of Gold, Orange, Yellow, Bronze, Golden Brown#Gemstone Topaz, Amber, Ruby, Yellow Diamond.

Significance of Number 28

28 is composed of the Moon 2 and Saturn 8 creating 1, which is Sun. A number of struggles and opposition. Success comes to you after lots of hardship. You are more able to serve and gain more cooperation and help. You develop unique ways of combining both material and spiritual progress and are wholistic in your attitude.

Destiny Number:

Destiny or Life Path number is 8, ruled by Saturn. This is the path of power, authority, material, and financial gains, success in all material aspects. You will be generous and dependable. There is outstanding inner strength and courage. 8 is the number of Karma, associated with Saturn. There is a need to control love of power, money, intolerance, abuse, revenge.

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