Warrior 9 and spiritual 7 conjunction


Date 27/02/2021, 9 in birthdate is ruled by Mars. Corresponds to Sagittarius, the 9th sign of the Zodiac. Artistic, Genius, Humanitarianism, Spirituality, Universal Love, Selflessness.


It is the number of expression, both in arts and speech. You have a great need to explore the depths of the human soul and express the poetry found there. You are creative, imaginative, sensitive and intuitive people. Also fighters and champions of the underdog. You like to take on causes-some of which may be unrealistic-and to aim for the goals that others would think unobtainable.Very intense, active and love excitement.

Best Direction: South

Best Profession: Soldiers, Army men, Astronauts, Scientists, researchers, Iron and Steel business business, Medicines, Pharmacists, Religious Heads,, Martial Arts, Humanitarian services, Public speaking.

Friendly No: 1, 2, 3

Enemy No: 5, 4

Negative Traits:

Possessive, careless with finance, fiery tempered, moody, erratic, unreasonable, dominating, quarrelsome, impatient, prone to accidents.

Lucky dates, colours and gemstones

#Good dates 9, 18 and 27. #Good days Tuesday and Saturday.#Lucky colours  Red, Pink, Crimson.  #Lucky Gemstones Ruby, Carnelian, Red Jasper, Red Agate, Garnet, Bloodstone.

Significance of Number 27

27 is composed of the Moon 2 and Ketu 7 creating 9, which is Mars. The predominance of Mars is undeniable and has basic aggression, dynamism, and courage. Wonderful healer and spiritualist, you are born with leadership qualities and have a spiritual and compassionate heart. Learn to overcome anger, arrogance, and aggression.

Destiny Number:
Destiny or Life Path number is 7, ruled by Ketu. The path of a loner, especially concerning matters of the inner self. Number of the philosopher, the deep thinker, the dreamer.Many are professors and doctors. Coldness, aloofness, faithlessness should be overcome. The 7 will find a restful, peaceful sort of life and will not be too concerned with material aspects.

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