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Birth date

Date 07/10/2020,7 in birthdate is ruled by Ketu. It is a neutral planet, tamasic in nature and disruptive in character. If the planet is not favourably posited people lose their power of discrimination. But if it is favourably posited natives acquire the power of healing arts. Ketu rules over old age.


These natives are truly spiritual and religious. Kindhearted, social and sentimental.Advocates of individual freedom and good speakers. They are also very uncertain personalities. Quite restless because of their over busy mind. They love change and love to travel. They can also be good writers, painters and poets and express their ideas through any medium. They also have a tendency to overlook their own mistakes and shortcomings.
Avoid intoxicants.
Avoid taking hasty decisions and do not change minds quickly.

Lucky dates, colours and gemstones

#good dates 7,16,25. #good days are #Sunday, Monday and Wednesday .# lucky colours#light green and blue.#Gemstone Cat’s eye.

Destiny number

Destiny number 3 is ruled by Jupiter. This destiny number makes people work very hard. They overload themselves and develop stresses and strains. Outspoken and critical nature puts them into trouble.

Tarot guidance

# Card of the day. The High Priestess. Represents an intuitive individual having spiritual knowledge. Look inwards.
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