Combination of Venus and Moon

Birth date

Date 06/10/2020,6 in birthdate is ruled by Venus. Venus is rajasic and gives its natives an active, artistic, sensuous and passionate nature. They are lively, emotional, sensitive, creative and inventive.

People are clever and tactful. Dislike ugliness and mismanagement. Love keeping their living area very clean and orderly.They spend freely, are social and also love to travel. Love their parents dearly and takes care of them. They get all the luxuries and facilities of modern living, like house, garden and vehicles.

Avoid arguments and use of intoxicants.
Do not bear grudges.

Lucky dates, colours and gemstones

#good dates 6,15,24. #good days are #Wednesday and Friday# lucky colours,#White.#Gemstone Diamond.

Destiny number

Destiny number 2 is ruled by Moon. Love their home and families.Also makes them very insecure. This number makes its natives face great ups and downs.

Tarot guidance

# Card of the day. The Magician. Take charge of the money matters. Control, manipulation or issues of power may be at work in a relationship.Watch your back and don’t get involved in ant questionable activities.
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