Birthday Mercury in the day of Sun

Birth date

Date 05/10/2020,5 in birthdate is ruled by Mercury. Mercury is considered the planet of mixed temperament.It is related to respiratory and nervous system.

Versatile with a high intelligence and very witty. Love change, travel and adventure. Have enormous curiosity and have a yearning to see far off places. Very adaptable and relate to others with ease. Highly refined social skills.Very independent in mind and soul. The most dominating trait of 5 is the uncompromising demand for freedom in thought and action. Very opinionated and passionate about political topics but not interested to be a part of any political party. Fond of fine arts.

Be careful about the edgy temperament.
Stop being impatient and restless.

Lucky dates, colours and gemstones

#good dates 5,14,23. #good days are #Wednesday and Friday# lucky colours,#All shades of green.#Gemstone Emerald.

Destiny number

Destiny number 1 is ruled by Sun. A very good destiny number. Known for their forbearance, patience, organisational abilities and persistence. Not very romantic by nature.

Tarot guidance

# Card of the day. Page of cups. Tend to be naive regarding financial matters. Need to strengthen your self esteem. Have a keen intuition.

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