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Birthdate Date 19/10/2023, 1 in birthdate is ruled by Sun. The keywords include courage, initiative, originality, individuality, creative and inventive ideas, leadership, executive ability, will, determination, and independence. Alphabets Allotted: A, I, J, Q, and Y Best Direction: East Best Profession: Politicians, Leaders, Heads of Business Houses, Entrepreneurs, Actors, Industrialists, Explorers, and Administrators. Engineers, architects, […]

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Birthdate Date 17/10/2023, 8 in birthdate, is ruled by Saturn. Corresponds to the eighth house of the zodiac, Scorpio. Toughness, tenacity, authority, executive ability, direction, supervision, efficiency, organization, judgment, materialism, administration, ambition, and dependability. Characteristics:Number 8’s balances the material and immaterial worlds. At its best, it is as spiritual as it is materialistic. You put

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Number Guidance of the day

Birthdate Ketu rules date 16/10/2023, 7 in birthdate. It bestows non-attachment to worldly desires and gives spiritual tendencies. Wisdom, power of discrimination, psychic abilities, sensitivity, emotions. Alphabets Allotted: O and Z Best Direction: Southwest Best Profession: Artists, Actors, Occultists, Numerologists, Scientists, Arbitrators, Judges, Spiritual Masters. Friendly Nos: 6, 9 Enemy Nos: 1, 2, 4, 8

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A simple guide to today’s numbers

Birthdate Date 14/10/2023, 5 in birthdate, is ruled by Mercury. Growth, progress, energy, vitality, resourcefulness, love of freedom and change, cleverness, administration, entertainment, and amusement are the keywords associated with this number. Alphabets Allotted: E, H, N, and X Best Direction: North Best Profession: Businessmen, Bankers, Stockbrokers, Medical People, Lawyers, Writers, Singing, Dancing, Acting, and

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Birth date Rahu rules date 13/10/2023, 4 in birthdate. The keywords are order and Construction, systematic, practical, down-to-earth, steady, calm, efficient, serious, scientific, application, responsible, industrious, honest, faithful, and determined. Alphabets Allotted: D, M, and T Best Direction: Southwest Best Profession: Politicians, Lawyers, Planners, Reformists, Lawmakers, Engineers, Builders, Contractors. Friendly Nos: 6, 8 Enemy Nos:

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Kalenderblad september met aangeschoten vogel

September 14

VERY INTELLIGENT ORGANISERS Those who are/were born on this day may find their calling in life to be that of restoring order to any organisation or group of people that they have reason to believe is not living up to its full potential. They have a highly critical eye due to both their penetrating intellects

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September 13

SANGUINE EDUCATIONALISTSDespite their somewhat nebulous interest in mankind as a global entity, people whose birthday is September 13 are remarkable for their level of self-sufficiency and independent spirit. People unfamiliar with them could get the impression that they are distant or even standoffish. However, this is not a totally accurate evaluation of these individuals because

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Solitary Tree at Dawn


SEPTEMBER 12 – INDIVIDUAL THINKERS People born today are plain and forthright, with their primary objective to achieve their goals most efficiently. They are not the kind to engage in deception, manipulation, or power games. They are driven by their need to learn, and as a result, they are more likely to seek out information

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