Lenormand Card Ship: 3

Known by Boat as well.

Travel, movement, overseas, foreigners, international, ships, boats, transportation, vacations.

Meaning of General Ships
A ship stands in for travel. Pulling this card indicates that there will be a chance to travel, either now or in the future.

Ship occasionally talks about something that seems new and exotic that has moved into your garden. Foreign objects or people will show as ships.

Sometimes, this card represents possibilities and trading across borders. Would you like to sell your scented candles abroad and work online? Do you want to sit on the beach sipping coconuts and work from your laptop? Such wild ideas are feasible with Ship.

When Ship appears literally, it frequently refers to a real ship, boat, or watercraft. Expect to see Ship if you have a vacation scheduled. Ship, as used metaphorically, stands for turning away from or towards a situation. The ship will, therefore, indicate that you’re making progress rather than just splashing about aimlessly if you’re paddling away from anything.

Specific Ship Meanings
The Ship in a Love reading indicates that you are heading toward something, such as going on a holiday with a partner or dating someone from a different culture. For instance, a foreign lover entering your life can be symbolised by a Ship and Man.

Meaning of Ship in Career: A ship can indicate your future course or prospects abroad.

The Ship represents global trade, a laptop lifestyle, and relationships with individuals worldwide in a business reading.

Positive Meaning of The Ship: If The Ship reads “good, ” you are headed in the correct direction. In particular, when coupled with the Sun card, it might also stand for a holiday.

Ship Negative Meaning: The Ship cautions you that you are headed on the wrong path or that problems will arise from abroad.

Ship as a Person: The Ship stands in for a person from a background other than your own when it takes on a human shape. Another meaning of the Lenormand Ship card is that of a travel agent, foreign merchant, sailor, boat builder, pilot, flight attendant, Navy officer, anthropologist, or cruise ship employee.

Ship Timing Meaning: Ship can forecast how events will unfold in three weeks, three months, or on the third of the current month. Ship is the card of mobility; hence, even if you don’t feel like you’re moving forward, it can indicate that things are already starting to take shape.
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