Lenormand - HOME – 04

Also called House

Home, house, safety, comfort, family, surroundings, town, country, and home.


The word “Home” clearly refers to the house and its surroundings, such as the yard, basement, etc. When this card shows up, the place where you live may be related to what you are reading.

On the other hand, the issue may affect your home life. In a financial reading, the word “Home” could mean money for house improvements or the idea that you will make extra money by working from home.

It’s interesting that House and Tree can both mean “family” on their own. Many Lenormand cards have similar meanings. The main difference between them is how they are interpreted. Tree is about family trees and extended families, while Home is mostly about the family members who live with you.

The word “Home” will usually mean a house in most meanings. But in a symbolic sense, Home can be what makes you feel safe and at ease.


Home Love Meaning: Being at home makes you feel safe, which is good for love. Regarding partnerships, it’s great if you want to settle down with your partner one day.

Home Career Meaning: The House card isn’t helpful for career readings. House can also mean that your job is safe and sound, but it can also let you know that your job affects your home life.

Home Business: The House discusses working from home in a business reading. For that reason, a mix like House and Fish is a good sign if you want to start a new business.

In some business reads Home won’t make you feel better. For instance, if Home and Mice are together in a business reading, your job could make your family suffer.

If you read “Home” in a good way, it means a happy home life and a family that is there for you. Especially when paired with Anchor, the word “home” can mean “safety.”

Home as a Negative: If you see Home as a negative, it means that you feel unsafe, that your home life is unhappy, and that your family doesn’t support you. Generally, you should be careful when Home is paired with a bad card. With Snake, an enemy could have landed outside your door, and you wouldn’t have known it.

Home as a Person: The House card is usually linked to the King of Hearts, which is like the King of Cups in Tarot in that it represents a caring and loving guy. House can also stand for someone who is comfortable at home, like a homemaker, housewife, real estate agent, interior designer, builder, or property developer.

Home Timing: Home can tell you what will happen in four weeks, four months, or on the fourth of the month.


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Mrs.Lipi Banerjee

She is an NLP Master Practitioner. Certified Accountability, Strategy and DISC Assessment Coach from Master Coach University, Florida. She teaches Reiki, Numerology and other occult divination tools to enthusiastic students.

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