Dsciplined Rahu in the date 13 and Independent Sun in the Sum total 10/1

Birth date

Date 13/11/2020, 4 in birthdate is ruled by Rahu. Order and Construction, systematic, practical, down to earth, steady, calm, efficient, serious, scientific, application, responsible, industrious, honest, faithful and determined are the key words.

Number 4’s are not the initiator’s, but when the outlines have been framed you carry out your work seriously in any field. You maintain high standards of honesty and concentration. Love to work and hate idleness. You are not selfish and are called upon many times by others to take the responsibility of others. Sincere, helpful and straightforward. You love your family and parents. Look for security both in business and family life. Do not like sudden changes. Being slow and very systematic you cannot you cannot cope with quickness and speed.


You lack imagination and seem stubborn. Argumentative, extreme seriousness and dominance are the aspects which make you slow and unprogressive. Live and let Live.

Lucky dates, colours and gemstones

#Good dates 4, 13, 22 and 31. #Good days are Saturday and Sunday. #Lucky colours. #Blue, grey and khaki. Gemstones #Hessonite.

Significance of Number 13

It is a number of practical, alert and dependable person.You can easily go to the depth of the matters and can be successful in scientific research or occult sciences. You use perseverance and determination.

Destiny Number:
Destiny or Life Path number is 1, ruled by Sun. Destiny 1’s are very good number. You are known for your forbearance, patience, organisational abilities and persistence. Idealistic, courteous, kind, helpful and popular. Competitive by nature. You are all about power. You often become great leaders. Become good entrepreneurs, freelancers, generals, commanders , CEO’s and producers.

Tarot Guidance:

#Seven of Wands

Stick with a financial venture, plan, or course of action. Stand your ground, but do not get into a conflict over money or possessions at this time. Stay positive and involved even though it is easy to quit. Represents the growth that comes through effort, diligence and patience.

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