Numbers and the corresponding planet

NUMBERS, it is related to the Physical or Material aspect of numbers.The other aspect remains invisible and incomprehensible to the normal or uninitiated individual in the realm of Occult or Spiritual aspects.It is a vast and extensive subject and requires lifetime of studies.

The Chaldean System is considered as “Mystic numerology” and is based on the 26 English alphabets.Chaldea is the southwest portion of Mesopotamia, also known as Sumeria. It assigns the number value from 1 to 8 to the 26 alphabets by sound. Number 9 is not assigned to any alphabet as it is considered a Holy number of God.Though there is some contradiction to this school of thought.

The Chaldean system is considered to be more accurate than Pythagorean system.Numerology is believed to have existed before Christ.Only in the past 100 years it’s claimed a place in the Occult Divination.

Enough about the boring history of Numbers.Now we will delve into the numbers and Days allotted to Planets.

The number of Sun is 1(positive), the day is Sunday and Zodiac is Leo.
The number of Uranus is 4(negative ), the day is Sunday and Zodiac is Leo.

The number of Moon is 2(negative), the day is Monday and Zodiac is Cancer.
The number of Neptune is 7(positive), the day is Monday and Zodiac is Cancer.

The number of Saturn is 8, the day is Saturday and Zodiac is Capricon.
The -ve 8 has the Zodiac Aquarius.

The number of Jupiter is 3, the day is Thursday and Zodiac is Saggitarius.

The -ve 3 has the Zodiac Pisces.

The number of the Mars is 9, the day is Tuesday and Zodiac is Aries.
The -ve 9 has the Zodiac Scorpio.
The number of Venus is 6, the day is Friday and Zodiac is Taurus.
The -ve 6 has the Zodiac Libra.

The number of Mercury is 5, the day is Wednesday and Zodiac is Gemini.
The number -ve 5 has the Zodiac Virgo.

The Sun and Uranus are interrelated as is the Moon and Neptune. So when Uranus and Neptune where discovered each were given one of the double numbers of Sun and the Moon. There is a strong affinity between 1-4 and 2-7.

Numbers 1 to 9 are divided in this manner.

Nos. 1,5 & 7 are strong masculine numbers.They are the go getters, initiators, leaders. They keep the wheels of fortune moving.

Nos. 2, 4 & 8 are the feminine counterparts of the masculine numbers. They collect details, manage things. No. 8 is karmic and Mystic.

Nos. 3, 6 & 9 are the gifted numbers of nature. They carry and enjoy rewards of past good deeds.

Nos.1,3,5,7 & 9 are compatible with each other.They are introvert and concerned with themselves. No.9 is different, it is concerned with the welfare of others, as it is unselfish.

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