The Interpretations Of Single Numbers

NO. 1: The Sun (Numbers 1-4). 1 corresponds to Aries.
Alphabets allotted: A, I, J, Q and Y
Keywords: Individuality, Originality, Authority, Ambition, Male.

NO. 2: The Moon (Numbers 2-7). 2 corresponds to Taurus.
Alphabets allotted: B, K and R.
Keywords: Passivity, Duality, Receptivity, Creativity, Changeable and Female.

NO. 3: Jupiter (Number 3).
Alphabets allotted: C, G, L and S.
Keywords: Expansion, Optimism, Justice, Expression, Joy of living.

NO.4: Uranus/Rahu.
Alphabets allotted: D, M and T.
Keywords: Practicality, Rigidity, Loyalty, Construction, Real Estate.

No. 5: Mercury.
Alphabets allotted: H, E, N and X.
Keywords: Freedom, Adaptability, Travel, Speech and Writing, Inconsistency.

No. 6: Venus.
Alphabets allotted: U, V and W.
Keywords: Love, Art, Luxury, Marriage, Beauty, Harmony, Sensuality.

No. 7: Neptune/ Ketu.
Alphabets allotted: O and Z
Keywords: Divinity, Mental Analysis, Occultism, Spirituality, Wisdom.

No.8: Saturn.
Alphabets allotted: F and P.
Keywords: Executive ability, Materialism, Power.

No. 9: Mars.
No alphabet is allotted to this number as this number is considered as a Holy number.
Keywords: Artistic, Genius, Humanitarianism, Spirituality, Universal Love.

In Chaldean Numerology, it isn’t enough to know about the single numbers. One has to understand the “compound” or “double” numbers also. The single numbers simply represent the physical outward appearance of a person’s name, whereas the compound number represents the deeper, metaphysical and hidden influences behind the name.

Today I will end my post with these interpretations, keywords and the planets associated with the numbers.

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