Who is an accountability partner?

If you are having problems in keeping commitments, you probably need an accountability coach. An accountability partner is an individual who helps other individuals keep commitments.

It is a valuable relationship. A study conducted at the University of Scranton made some interesting findings: As much as 92 percent of people without accountable partners fail to accomplish their New Year’s resolutions. So, there is a strong chance you are missing a lot by going without an accountability partner.

Here are the benefits of having an accountability partner

Another perspective

It is impossible to be good in every area of your industry, or anything else you may be doing. No one really expects you to. An AP is a valuable resource in helping you to look at situations from different perspectives. The AP will always have a different interpretation of challenges. This is essential in helping you make correct and unbiased decisions.

Inbuilt cheerleader

Most of the time, our relatives and friends don’t really understand what is happening in our lives or businesses. It isn’t their fault. But if you have an AP with you, you know you have someone close to you who will celebrate your wins and see you through your struggles.

Personal challenger

In life, you need someone who can challenge you to do the impossible or a person who can challenge what you believe in. Most of our friends and relatives would be afraid to challenge you even when they know you are wrong.

An AP can serve as a personal challenger who would push you to the limits and help you achieve what you might have never achieved on your own.

Basically, an AP keeps you grounded in reality, more than anyone else could. Whether you are a business owner or a person looking forward to improving your life, you need an accountability partner. 

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