The Sensuous Moon in the day and the Powerful Saturn in the sum total

Birth date

Date 29/11/2020, 2 in birthdate is ruled by Moon. The Moon gives people a fluctuating nature, love of water and of nurturing. It brings prosperity, respect and honour to its natives.


The 2’s are tender, artistic and romantic by nature. You are peaceful and gentle. Lack determination and can not execute your ideas as forcefully as the 1’s can. You need people to  assure you, promote and execute your ideas. You have refined nature with good aesthetic sensibilities. You do not like quarrels and hence become good peacemakers. Good diplomats and love travelling to foreign lands. Less courageous and also less ambitious. Reserved and shy. You are also very intuitive.

Negative Traits

Self consciousness, timidity, depression, drowns in detail.

Lucky dates, colours and gemstones

#Good dates 2, 11, 20 and 29. #Good days are Monday. #Lucky colours. #White, light green, light blue, cream. #Gemstone Pearl.

Significance of Number 29

29 born is a combination of 2(Moon) and 9(Mars). You achieve great success and rise to high positions. But you feel insecure and lonely.Influence of Mars makes you restless and doubting.Avoid irritation and being short tempered. Loving and warm hearted.

Destiny Number:
Destiny or Life Path number is 8, ruled by Saturn.  This number brings unwanted opposition and enmity without cause. Produces many powerful, confident and materially successful people. Very independent, forceful and competitive.Most of your concerns involve money and learning of the power  that comes with it.Confident, charismatic individuals. Eights have tremendous potential to practically improving the lives of thousands.Sometimes the pursuit of riches becomes more important than personal relationships.

Tarot Guidance:

#Ten of Swords.

Don’t give up on yourself or others or consider the situation hopeless. Come to terms with what is but turn away from negative thinking, patterns or habits and look for alternatives. Learn to have more faith. Remember, God dwells in you as you.

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