Conjunction of Jupiter(3) and Mars(9)

Birth date

Date 30/11/2020, 3 in birthdate is ruled by Jupiter. It represents justice, fair judgement, expansion, humanitarianism, creativity and spiritualism, optimism and opportunism. Dynamism and ambition are the keywords for this psychic number.


The 3’s are disciplined, orderly, hard working, praise seeking, duty bound and honour their commitments.Your professional obligations will take you to foreign soils many times and you may even decide to stay back. You are just and compassionate, multitalented. You dislike unrest, controversies,  arguments and discord. Generally overambitious and very ego conscious. Passionate, loving, demonstrative, thoughtful and considerate. You are believers of truth and though religious at heart, can not easily commit to any conventional religion.


Try and curb your boastful tendencies. Control your anger. Avoid being overly ambitious and optimistic.

Lucky dates, colours and gemstones

#Good dates 3, 12, 21 and 30. #Good days are Thursday, also Monday and Wednesday. #Lucky colours #Yellow, pink, blue or light purple. #Gemstone Yellow Sapphire and Yellow Topaz.

Significance of Number 30

30 born is attractive and excellent mimic.Conscientious. Have a highly developed creative bend of mind. You could excel in writing, visual or performing arts. Highly imaginative with a gift of the gab. Can be moody and subject to rapid ups and downs. Be careful not to waste time and energy on trivial matters.

Destiny Number:
Destiny or Life Path number is 9, ruled by Mars. Fiery, hot and dynamic. Born artists and can become great writer, singer, actor and musician. Or  the most renowned spiritual masters and gurus. Disciplined, hard working, egoless, humanitarian. You are all about spirituality. You start as an ordinary person and rise to great heights in your careers by hard work, good fortune, a well developed sense of responsibility and conscious planning.

Tarot Guidance:

#The Two of Cups.

You are going to take a short trip. A very pleasant and fruitful journey. You will get considerable help from others and attain some successes on your own too. Doubt, fear or lack of faith can make you turn away from your chosen path.

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