Combination of Mercury(5) in the day


Mercury rules date 05/11/2023, 5 in birthdate. Corresponds to LEO, the 5th sign of the Zodiac. Freedom, Adaptability, Travel, Inconsistency, Abuse of senses, Nervous, Speech and Writing

Alphabets Allotted: H, E, N, and X.


Likens to quicksilver and is mercurial, has momentum and communication, reason, logic, ethics, and is a born traveler. Five makes you changeable, blow hot, blow cold, extremist, arrogant, and unpredictable. Active, restless, ambitious, wise, warm affections, interest in casual affairs, zest for life, desire to see it all and live life to the fullest. Has cooperation, practicality, and shrewdness.

Best Direction: North

Best Profession: Businessmen, Bankers, Stockbrokers, Medical People, Lawyers, Writers, Singing, Dancing, Acting and Painting.

Friendly Nos: 1, 6

Enemy Nos: 2

Negative Traits:

Lack of perseverance and persistence, skeptical, unreliable, discontent, edgy temperament, vacillates, and indecisive.

Lucky dates, colours, and gemstones

#Good dates 5, 14, and 23. #Good days, Wednesday and Friday.#All shades of green, turquoise, white, light brown, smokey grey. #Gemstone Emeralds and Diamonds.

Destiny Number:

Destiny or Life Path number is 14/5, ruled by Mercury. It is a good destiny number. Very versatile, adventurous, and progressive. Apt to be multi-talented, but just as likely to suffer from lack of direction. Dislike routine and monotonous work and are not very good at staying with everyday tasks that must be finished on time. A good communicator and a fun-loving person. Makes you versatile, impressive, attractive, and naturally optimistic.