Expansive Rahu in the day


Date 04/10/2022, 4 in birthdate is ruled by Rahu. Corresponds to Cancer, the 4th sign of the Zodiac. Practicality, Loyalty, Rigidity, Construction, Real Estate, Possessions, and Materialism.

Alphabets Allotted: D, M, and T.


The influence of Rahu/Uranus creates sudden and constant ups and downs in the lives of the natives. You lose your power of discrimination and right judgment. Have to struggle and fight for everything you want in life. Lovemaking your own laws. You are a potential rebel. Exceptional conversationalist and very gentle and passionate. It is the first material number and is perpetually concerned about the financial security of itself and its loved ones. Often inherit vast legacies and fortunes and may even squander it all or use this money for unconventional causes. You are the greatest benefactors of the underdogs and are loyal and devoted to your relationships.

Best Direction: Southwest

Best Profession: Politicians, Lawyers, Planners, Reformists, Lawmakers, Engineers, Builders, Contractors.

Friendly Nos: 6, 5

Enemy Nos: 1, 2, 9, 8, 7

Neutral Nos: 3, 4

Negative Traits:

Avoid being critical and be more trusting. Learn to be appreciative of others. Avoid loneliness and isolation.

Lucky dates, colors, and gemstones

#Good dates 4, 13,22, and 31. #Good days Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.#Electric blue, grey, white, maroon..#Gemstone Dark or light blue sapphire, Hessonite, and Gomed.

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