Number 8


Date 08/11/2022, 8 in birthdate is ruled by Saturn. Corresponds to Scorpio, the 8th house of the zodiac sign. It is a planet of destiny, fate, karma, and resurrection and is systematic, organized, authoritative, methodical, practical, and steady. The number 8 people are confident, determined, and mysterious. An introvert who likes to keep to himself as much as you can and is reserved, austere, patient, and spiritual. Outwardly you exhibit a calm and balanced mind but deep inside you are a sea of emotions, fears, depression, and uncertainties. Love your family and be truly devoted to them. You are material-minded and financial security is of prime importance, yet, you do not hanker after or chase after money. Deeply spiritual and capable of achieving deep states of meditation and attaining psychic powers.

Destiny Number:

Destiny or Life Path number is 8, ruled by Saturn. This number brings unwanted opposition and enmity without cause. Brings financial losses through theft and other means. You have more endurance than any other number. You do not get bogged down by stress and strain very easily. Good planners and, fond of success on a grand scale. You have to go through a lawsuit at least once in your lifetime.

House Number 8:

Wealth, Plenty, and Ambition
A number eight home encourages development and aspiration, making it a perfect environment for company owners and career-driven individuals, particularly if you operate a home-based firm. “This is a terrific property for you if you are trying to extend your standing in the world, position in life, financial prosperity, or size of your family,”

A number eight home isn’t ideal for somebody who wants their home to be a relaxing place, though, because of all of that upward movement. You might discover that you have the predisposition to become a “hoarder” in this house, continuously gathering more and more “things,” or that those who live here can develop workaholism. The house can turn into a money trap if you keep improving it for “show” purposes.

Phone Number 8:

This figure is good because it consistently brings in money for businesspeople. It is suitable for people who are ambitious and eager to succeed. The good effects of the number 8 on one’s job and financial condition can be attributed to its relatively materialistic nature. If your phone number has a triple 8, it is said to be especially lucky.

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