Sun in play with Venus, enemy planets

Birth date

Date 01/ 10 /2020 ,1 in birthdate is ruled by Sun. It is a masculine number. Denotes change and pioneering work. New events, travel and new situations are indicated when number 1 appears in the date or name. Sun is symbolic of creation, vitality and new beginnings.


This number gives an independent and intellectual capacity to the natives. Gain knowledge through observation and travel. You are self reliant and confident and do not hesitate to deal with the most difficult of the tasks. Have a very strong will power and fond of inventions. Also very creative. Very disciplined and straight forward with a clear head. Also very conscious of public image. Very hardworking too.


Avoid being overly ambitious.

Avoid being boastful and critical.

Lucky dates, colours and gemstones

#good dates 1,10,19 and 28. #good days are #Sunday and Monday.# lucky colours,#yellow, orange, copper and gold. #Gemstone Ruby and Red Sapphire.

Destiny number

Destiny number 6 is ruled by Venus. It is not a good destiny number. Dependable, peace loving and generous. Suffer from overwork and overindulgence.

Tarot guidance

# Card of the day. Eight of Pentacles. Continue striving for excellence and focus on your goals. Do set realistic goals and work hard to become the best.
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