Name & number analysis of Adolf Hitler

Before that let us understand the Core/ Foundation Numbers.

I am taking the example of Adolf Hitler (20.04.1889-30.04.1945)


Birth date is 20/2


Life Path is 2+4+1+8+8+9=5


A  D  O  L  F      H  I  T  L   E  R

1  4  7   3  8      5  1 4   3  5  2

23          +           20



7 is the Expression no.


8          +           6


= 14/5 = Soul Urge/ Heart’s desire no. It comes from adding the vowels.


6              +            5

=11/2 = Secret Self/Personality No. It is derived from the consonants of the name.


These are the Core nos. of Adolf Hitler

BD – 2

LP – 5

EXP – 7

SU – 14/5

SS – 11/2


Birth day number is just that – the day when a person is born. As it reveals a certain talent that will eventually find it’s place on the course of life.


Destiny/LP number is the most important number in the chart as it acts as a blueprint outlining how life will play out. Opportunities and challenges faced along the way are heavily influenced by the Destiny number. It encapsulates the entire purpose of life and will never change, so it is very special.


Expression/Name Number

While Destiny number plots the life’s lessons and how one handles them, expression number is all about the natural strengths and weaknesses given to us at the time of birth. This number is the foundation on which the Life path can flourish.


Heart’s Desire signifies the reasons behind the choices that one makes in all aspects of life, from career to relationships. It comes from the vowels of the full name.


Secret self/Personality is the first impression other’s get of you. It’s that part of a person which you reveal willingly. It acts as a buffer, screening out some people and situations you don’t want to deal with while welcoming the things in life that relate to your inner nature. This number is derived from only the consonants in your full name.


Hitler’s birth date is 20 coming down to 2. 2 is ruled by Moon – Relation/Cooperation. They are highly imaginative, intuitive and diplomatic. They are brilliant speakers. They are also very moody. The number 2 is meanspirited, formidable anger comes out when they feel cheated or mistreated. They have another side which is extremely mean, vengeful, cruel and unrelenting. They never look back in regret or remorse.

Number 20 has a peculiar interpretation: the call to action, but for some great cause or purpose. It also calls for spiritual development of one’s nature. This number is referred to as Awakening or Judgement.


LP is 5. Very versatile and adventurous. Wants to be totally unrestrained. Good communicator and know how to motivate people. Love to be the centre of attention. And there is often some confusion surrounding ambition. Not the most tactful person in the world. Their sense of independence does not allow them to listen to others and so suffer from lack of direction. They could become very irresponsible in tasks and decisions.


Expression is 7. And it is derived from the compound number 43. It is an extremely unfortunate number. Also represents revolution, strife, confusion, failure and loss of position.


Soul Urge is 14/5. It is again all about independence. The compound number 14 is not a good compound at all. An over confident and extremely ambitious nature if not curbed can lead to severe humiliation. It means risk and danger. Also it is a Karmic Debt number.

14/5 talks about paying back for past abuses where you acted upon your personal sense of freedom at the expense of others.  The 14/5 tells that there has been a pretty hefty abuse of freedom through being irresponsible and shunning any sense of responsibility.

It also points to issues relating to excessive behaviours.  The number 5 is the teacher of the constructive use of freedom – or freedom through self-discipline. 14/5 as one of the numbers will most likely act upon the more destructive tendencies of the number 5 until the lessons have been understood, acknowledged, acted upon, and mastered.


Personality number is 11/2. Again 2 has come in his core. Extremely emotional. The compound 11 has a short lived success. It warns of hidden dangers and trials.

He committed suicide on 30.04.1945

Personal Year was 16/7. A Karmic year with lessons to be learned, so it is imperative to live through any disruptive experience with grace and tolerance.

Personal Month was 11/2. Tendency to be highly strung and overly anxious. Sudden and unexpected events occur.

The overload of master number 11 in the month of the Karmic 16/7 year became to much to handle. Also this year makes a person very isolated and a recluse.


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