Jupiter and Ketu conjunction

Birth date

Date 30/ 9 /2020 ,three in birthdate is ruled by Jupiter. It represents love and affection. This is the number of expression. Brings intellect and intuition to play in the various fields of art. A joyful number, both hopeful and wishful in temperament. If this number appears in a name, denotes popularity, child and marriage.


This number is known for its benevolence and uplifting qualities. The natives are usually very harmonious in nature. There is an effort to do good for all. Usually lucky in life. Having a strong desire for peace and harmony they become sensitive to anything of a deliberately discordant nature. Courteous by nature and desirous of being on good terms with other people. Very confident of their ability and self reliant. Like to observe custom, law and order. Very free in their expression.


Avoid people from imposing themselves upon you.

Avoid getting easily upset by adverse criticism.

Lucky dates, colours and gemstones

# good dates 3,12,30.# good days are # Tuesdays,# thursdays and Fridays.# lucky colours,# all shades of yellow and green.# gemstone yellow Topaz and yellow sapphire. Also amethyst.

Significance of compound number 30.

These people have a strong power of attraction and hence friends always gather around them. They also fulfil every duty assigned to them. Fortunate, generous and optimistic. When face to face with difficulties, show great strength to overcome them.

Sum total of the day

Destiny number 7 is ruled by Ketu. Life is a challenge. Natives will find it very difficult to carry on without a sharply defined goal in sight. There will be too many plans, too much intervention with little direction. In matters of finances it is advised to double check on new schemes.

Tarot guidance

# Card of the day. 3 of Pentacles. Money earning is indicated through the practical investment of energy and talents. Explore ways earn money, or seek a job. It can also signify the completion of a stage in personal development.
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