The Intuitive Moon(2) in the sum total of Humanitarian Mars(9)

Birth date

Date 02/12/2020, 2 in birthdate is ruled by Moon. It represents Gentleness of nature, imagination, Artistic and romantic and an inherent duality.


The 2 are intuitive, restless, unsettled and dependent on others. You live more in the mind and less in action. Being natives of the Moon you have a fertile imagination, high idealism and a dreamy nature. You fantasise and build castles in the air. You should learn to be practical if you want material success. You are an efficient executer of plans made by others. Your creativity and imagination comes into operation in the execution of your tasks.

Negative Traits

You lack continuity in your thoughts and hence find it very difficult to peruse any line of action as you keep on changing your mind ever so often. Fickle minded, moody and undependable.


Lucky dates, colours and gemstones

#Good dates 2, 11, 20 and 29. #Good days Monday.#Lucky Colours Yellow, Orange, Copper. #Gemstone Pale green stones, Moonstones, Pearls. Also Crystal Quartz.

Destiny Number:
Destiny or Life Path number is 9, ruled by Mars. Fiery, hot and dynamic.You are born artists and can become great singers, writers, actors and musicians. This number develops its spiritual nature through the hardships of life and it’s experiences. You may have to face difficulties with your parents and siblings in early life, as you are not understood by anyone easily. You are a restless number and need to be on the move constantly. Disciplined, hard working, egoless and humanitarian. Also makes one arrogant, angry, daring and reckless.

Tarot Guidance:

#The Hierophant

The focus is on establishments, organisations, groups or structures, key or critical figures you align yourself with. The search for truth, understanding, new thinking and new opportunities. Through luck you will gain insight into a situation that was previously obscured. May get unexpected assistance from an unexpected source.

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