The Presuppositions of NLP

These presuppositions are guidelines upon which we build our NLP experience. These are just guidelines that are not ironclad.

Everyone has a unique model of the world: We all have a tendency to judge others if they are not dressing like us, or not behaving like us. We wonder if something is wrong with him or her. We never understand why they are acting a certain way. If it does not match our ideas or actions we go into judgment. What NLP presupposes is that every person is different, all are unique. The way one receives information perceives the same and then acts on it is completely different. It is different, it is unique as everyone has a different model of the world.

This is because we all have different and unique internal worlds. We gather information/raw data from the external world. It can be the same for all the people present there at that point in time. The receiving of information can be in the form of visual, auditory, kinesthetic(touch and feel), olfactory(sense of smell), and gustatory(sense of taste). We all have various filters within ourselves. They are our Values, Beliefs, Attitudes, Language, Memories, Decisions, and Meta Programs.

These values, beliefs, memories, and decisions are all different for different people. After passing through these filters the information takes the form of Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic, Olfactory, and gustatory. Again. This is our Internal Representation. For eg: A family visits a Restaurant and enjoys dinner. In a couple of days or weeks somehow that topic comes up. Every member of the family will have a different perception of their experience. One may delete a portion of the chat they all had. One may add something about the conversation which never took place. Same dish, same family. One says he/she absolutely loved the dish and the other one says it was not that delicious. One member says the wait staff was very courteous, the other does not agree.

What does this mean? Every person, based on their filters, perceives things. They either Distort, Delete or Generalize information. This also depends on the State and Physiology of a person. The Internal world gives meaning to the information received from the external world. Then comes our External Behaviour, Words, Actions, State, and Physiology.

This is why NLP presupposes that Everyone has a unique model of the world.

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