Venus ruling the day


Date 15/06/2022, 6 in birthdate is ruled by Venus. Artistic, creative, responsible, loyal, dependable, unselfish, harmonious, balanced, just, right, love of home, and generous are the keywords associated with this number.

Alphabets Allotted: U, V, and W

Best Direction: Southeast

Best Profession: Artists, Actors, Occultists, Orators, Art critics, Editors, Journalists, Poets.

Number 6’s are magnetic, youthful, gentle, soft-spoken, luxury-loving, artistic, and possess refined tastes. You spend freely, are social, love to travel, and often journey to foreign lands. Very conscious about your physical appearance and dress to be always presentable. Dislike ugliness, dirtiness, mismanagement, and disorder. Keep your dwelling places clean and orderly. Clever and tactful and think before you act. Universal friends and keep the secret of others.


Do not get into arguments and expend your energies. Save money for hard times. Straightforwardness can create problems, and ego for recognition can make you fall for flattery.

Lucky dates, colors, and gemstones

#Good dates 6, 15, and 24. #Good days are Wednesday and Friday. #Lucky colors. #White, light blue, pink  Gemstones #Diamonds. Also white Zircon as a substitute.

Significance of Number 15

A combination of Sun(1) and Mercury(5). Both of these planets are connected with intellect and ready wit. Both love modernism, material success, and popularity, and both are friendly. This is a mysterious and magical number. Such natives know how to do their job with perfection. They are not only masters of handsome personality but their magnetic appearance attracts everyone in a group. In life, everything is available to them for comfortable and luxurious living. You are also interested in literature, fine arts, and music. Sun brings popularity and mercury makes you move around and travel.

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