Looking for a plot or an apartment?

We all have an internal picture of our favorite home or apartment. It is our dream home. An abode where we are happy, peaceful, and abundant. A place where we all come together after a long and tiring day at work. Buying a house is not an easy prospect. In fact, it is pretty daunting. Luck has to be with us. It has to be within our budget. Proximity to schools, colleges, offices, marketplace, etc. Every family member has their own desires and demands. They have to be met too.

Certain points from Vaastu’s perspective:

Whether one is buying a property or a piece of land and then constructing the house, knowing how the plot or property is vital.

Alignment between the environment and human beings is necessary. These days’ Riverside projects and Hill view properties are in the craze. There are also a few rules that apply. The direction from where the water is flowing needs to be checked. Or else, there will be direction fault and in the process lose our clarity of mind. Similarly, the direction of the mountain needs to be ascertained. Is the mountain lush with greenery?

There should not be any big factories, playgrounds, hospitals, jails, crematoriums, dumping grounds, etc. If it is so then many types of dosha/faults arise and ultimately we will be deprived of all kinds of peace and happiness.

Do not buy very old and dilapidated buildings. Also, try to find out why the existing owners are selling off the property.

One of the best ways to check an apartment or plot is to go there and ground oneself. Close your eyes and calmly read the energy. If it gives out good vibes go forward or else no.

There are many more points to be taken into consideration. These are just pointers to start with.

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